Redwood Knowledge: Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages

The so-called "redwood", from the beginning, is not a specific species of furniture, but a general term for rare hardwood high-quality furniture since the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Red sandalwood: Produced in subtropical regions such as India and other Southeast Asian regions. China has a small amount of production in Yunnan, Guangdong and Guangxi. The wood is lustrous and has aroma. It turns purple reddish brown after a long exposure to the air. It is interlaced with arts and sciences, with dense structure, corrosion resistance, durability and hard and heavy materials.

Huanghua Pear: It is a unique species for our country. The wood is shiny and has a spicy taste; the texture is oblique and staggered, the structure is fine and uniform, and it is resistant to corrosion. Durable, hard and heavy material.

Rosewood: tropical and subtropical, mainly produced in Southeast Asian countries. The wood color is uneven, the heartwood is orange, light reddish brown to dark brown, and the dark color is obvious. The wood is shiny, sour or sour, the text is diagonal and staggered, high density, greasy, hard and wear resistant.

Rosewood: distributed in the tropical regions of the world, mainly in Southeast Asia and South America, Africa. China's Hainan, Yunnan and Guangdong and Guangxi regions have been introduced and cultivated. The color of the material is relatively uniform, from light yellow to dark reddish brown, visible dark stripes, shiny, with slight or significant light aroma, staggered texture, fine and uniform structure (South America, Africa slightly thick) wear-resistant, durable, hard and heavy High intensity, usually floating in water. The rosewood in Southeast Asia is the best in Thailand, followed by Myanmar.

Chicken wing wood: distributed in the subtropical region of the world, mainly in Southeast Asia and South America, named after the texture similar to "chicken wings". The texture is staggered, unclear, the color is abrupt, the wood is not aroma, and the growth rings are not obvious.

In summary: the characteristics of "Redwood" furniture are:


1) The color is darker, reflecting the antique style and used for traditional furniture.

2) The wood is heavier and gives a good quality.

3) The general wood itself has its own fragrance, especially sandalwood.

4) The material is hard, high strength, wear resistant and durable.


1) Because of the small amount of production, it is difficult to have quality tree species with varying quality.

2) The grain and the annual ring are not clear, and the visual effect is not fresh enough.

3) The material is heavy and not easy to handle.

4) The material is hard, the processing is difficult, and cracking is prone to occur.

5) The material is greasy and easy to return to oil at high temperatures.

The main “wooden brands” of domestic mahogany are: Beijing Tuo, Ling Yun, Yu Long, Gao Jun (Xiamen)  

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