Chlorpyrifos smoker use technology

The timing of the best application timing of the bacteriostatic agent is preferably before and during the onset of the plant. The specific application time is best when used in rainy days and low temperatures in winter.

The appropriate dosage and number of doses should be determined according to the size of the greenhouse space, the active ingredient content of the smoker and the different growth period of the vegetables. Generally, 30% chlorothalonil is used in the greenhouse, and the application rate is preferably 250 to 300 grams per acre. The frequency of medication should be determined according to the severity of the disease. In the early stage of the disease, only one smoke agent can be discharged to achieve the control effect; when the virus is heavier, it should be continuously controlled 2 or 3 times, and the application interval is 7 to 10 days. In the early stage of plant growth, due to the soft growth of seedlings, it is easy to cause phytotoxicity, and the dosage should be reduced as appropriate. In addition, if the other fungicide is used for the conventional spray control in the middle of the two use of the smoke agent, the effect is better.

Scientific use method should be closed before the application of the vents and vents, and then use the fixed-point smoke smoke-killing method, that is, select several smoke points, put the smoke agent evenly on the ground (preferably hang), with incense or cigarette butts ignite. The smoke agent is packed in a 100-gram pouch, and the greenhouse can be used in a whole bag. The small-storage can put the smoke powder in a small paper tube rolled up by an old newspaper, and insert it into a fire. The ignition sequence is sequentially ignited from the shed to the shed. The smoke agent with low content of active ingredients is divided into 5 to 6 discharge points per acre; and the aerosol with high content of active ingredients is divided into 7 to 10 discharge points per acre.

Note: The smoke in the shed should be sealed at least for more than 4 hours. It is best to carry out the smoke before and after sunset. The next day, the vents and vents can be fully opened for ventilation.

The use of chlorothalonil aerosols can only be carried out in greenhouses or greenhouses, and must be closed tightly.

Because the space in the middle shed and the small shed is short, the agent with low content of active ingredients should be selected. If the shed is less than 1.2 meters, it is not suitable to use smoke agent, otherwise it will cause crop damage.

Ignition can not use open flames, first place the smoke evenly, ignite in order from the inside to the outside, and immediately exit the shed, then close the shed overnight, and the next morning, after sufficient ventilation, the person can enter the shed.

Care should be taken to protect your eyes and skin. Wash your face, wash your hands and other exposed parts of your body with soapy water.

The aerosol is flammable. It should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from fire, moisture, high temperature and sun exposure. It is strictly forbidden to mix with food, seeds and feed to prevent misuse and misuse. Dispose of the used containers in a safe and secure manner.

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