Safe housing construction and building materials to the countryside or promote the "100 billion-level" consumer market

Increasing the consumption rate is expected to become a binding indicator during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. The vigorous development of affordable housing and the implementation of the policy of building materials to the countryside are expected to become the "double wings" for the growth of urban and rural markets. Analysts roughly calculated that 10 million sets of this year and the "12th Five-Year Plan" 36 million sets of affordable housing construction plans, as well as building materials to the countryside pilot policy, for cement, glass, ceramics, paint, flooring, hardware, furniture, lighting and other products Sales will have a huge pulling effect. This year, the central government decided to build 10 million sets of affordable housing. According to the construction area of ​​each protected housing of 60 square meters, 0.2 tons of cement per square meter will bring about 120 million tons of cement demand. The planned construction of 36 million affordable housing during the 12th Five-Year Plan period means that the demand for cement is about 432 million tons. At the same time, the construction of a large number of affordable housing will bring huge consumer markets to the entire home improvement industry such as ceramics, paints, flooring, hardware, furniture and lighting.   "If conservatively calculated, the average consumption of home improvement and other aspects brought by each suite is 10,000 yuan, then it will drive about 100 billion yuan in the consumer market." Analysts said.   It is worth noting that with the arrival of a large number of affordable housing, the expectation of stable housing prices will be greatly enhanced, and it is expected to greatly increase the consumption of the public such as transportation, communication, culture, education, entertainment, etc., thereby stimulating consumption growth. The vast rural market demand is also an important force to increase consumption rates. In addition to increasing farmers' income, home appliances going to the countryside, and cars going to the countryside, this year's building materials going to the countryside is expected to drive more consumer demand. Meng Guoqiang, president of the China Building Materials Circulation Association, told reporters that the association has proposed to the relevant departments "expanding the building materials to the countryside" and "expanding the building materials to the countryside", hoping to further increase policy support. "There are more than 700 million farmers in China. This is a huge market. The question is how do we inspire their needs." Meng Guoqiang told reporters that if the pilot project of building materials goes to the countryside, it will undoubtedly be a huge stimulus to the rural market, a conservative estimate. There will also be hundreds of billions of dollars in economic pull. In this regard, Yin Liang, an analyst at Galaxy Securities, believes that building materials to the countryside is a conversion of the government from the original investment to the economy to consumption. In fact, “the consumption of rural housing is mainly personal consumption. This piece has a rigid impact on the building materials industry and will have an important impact on the consumption structure of the entire society,” he said.

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