The first largest spiral bevel gear production line was put into operation

Recently, with a loud sound of firecrackers, a delivery car loaded with the first set of high-precision spiral bevel gears with a diameter of 2 meters independently developed by China, slowly exited the workshop from the new production line and drove out of Zhuzhou Wall, Hunan. Special Gear Co., Ltd. This move marks the first domestic and the world's largest high-precision, fully automatic spiral bevel gear production line officially completed and put into production.

This is another major breakthrough made by Zhuzhou Wald Company in the field of high-precision spiral bevel gear processing in China after the completion of China's first 1.1-meter spiral bevel gear production line in 2008. The spiral bevel gear milling machine, gear grinding machine and inspection unit invested by the company are the world's largest professional processing equipment for spiral bevel gears. The maximum processing diameter is 2000 mm, the maximum processing modulus is 42 mm, and the gear precision is DIN4~ Level 5.

It is reported that the heavy-duty spiral bevel gears that are processed more than 1.6 meters abroad are also processed by machining centers, which not only have slower work efficiency, but also have unsatisfactory accuracy.

This time, Zhuzhou Wald has made a major breakthrough, which can further meet the upgrading requirements of spiral bevel gears for extra-large equipments in various fields such as oil drilling, steel rolling, mining, cement manufacturing, shipbuilding and national defense.

The reporter also saw at Zhuzhou Wald Company that a new heat treatment production line with an investment of more than 10 million yuan will be completed and put into operation in April this year. At that time, the company's comprehensive and full range of capabilities to meet the market demand for spiral bevel gears will be further enhanced.

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