Ningbo hardware enterprises have become more stable and robbed of people

As migrant workers returning home for the New Year, returning to the city to return to the factory, the scene of a large number of recruitment and job applicants in Ningbo will come to an end. On the morning of March 2, the plastics industry and hardware industry job fairs in Ningbo City were held in the city's human resources market. 1,771 jobs ushered in 1,700 people to enter the job, and the lack of enterprises were also robbed by the “impatient” before and after the Spring Festival. "笃悠悠" selection. Although there are not many migrant workers to register, the relevant person in charge of Ningbo Aimeike Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is not in a hurry. "Through the network recruitment and fellowships, the employment gaps before and after the Spring Festival are basically filled up, and all the production lines are normally opened." The staff responsible for the recruitment told reporters that the company currently lacks only 10 plastic pipe operators. "Since it does not affect production, of course, we should try to recruit skilled workers." Similarly, at the recruitment booth of Ningbo Jinxiong Plastic Co., Ltd., the staff members are stricter on the migrant workers who come to consult. "Now is the off-season of enterprise production, the demand for first-line operators is not large, and the technical workers for process design and quality inspection are relatively lacking." Company staff Wang Xiongze explained that the recruitment of booths is mainly for the preparation of the next production season. Recruit some mechanics with good physical fitness and technical skills with technical secondary school or above. “At yesterday's job fair, more than 700 job seekers reached preliminary employment intentions with more than 60 companies in the plastics industry. It is good to achieve such results.” Yu Zhixing, secretary general of the Municipal Plastics Industry Association, said that normal production is met in the general industry. After the demand, the demand for technicians and senior technicians will increase. The school-enterprise cooperation and order-based training led by the labor department will become the first choice for enterprises to recruit. From the recent recruitment fairs of the city's human resources market, the number of jobs provided by Ningbo enterprises has dropped from 4,000 in the early post-holiday to 2,000 in the current average. The ratio of supply and demand for jobs and job seekers has also been post-holiday. The initial value is greater than 2:1, gradually tending to 1:1, and the supply and demand tend to balance. However, in the view of Shi Yueping, deputy director of the Municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau, for a long time to come, the phenomenon of “difficult recruitment” and “difficult employment” will coexist in Ningbo for a long time, and the deep contradiction of employment structure will be further aggravated. "The phenomenon of 'difficulties in recruiting workers' in some enterprises is actually a result of the increase in the demand for labor in enterprises, the difficulty in meeting the needs of laborers, the mismatch between the quality of labor and the demand of enterprises, and the intensification of competition and the division of labor. It is a structural, Frictional contradiction, it is difficult to reconcile in a short time." Shi Yueping said.  

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