The small industry management mode of the stone industry surviveså°´å°¬

At present, China's stone industry sales amounted to more than 300 billion yuan, and domestic high-quality mine resources are very hot. The majority of domestic stone enterprises are small in scale, and the small workshop management mode is still alive. The sales volume reached 300 billion. The development of China's stone industry is fast. The National Federation of Industry and Commerce Stone Industry Chamber of Commerce revealed that China's stone materials have reached the top in the world in terms of raw material output, processing capacity and foreign trade. At present, there are more than 40,000 stone enterprises in the country, and the stone processing capacity has exceeded 200 million m2/year. According to incomplete statistics, the income from the main business of stone enterprises above designated size increased from RMB 16.8 billion in 2000 to about RMB 150 billion in 2008. In the stone industry, the production capacity and sales revenue of stone enterprises below the scale and the enterprises above the scale are almost 1:1. It is estimated that the total sales of the domestic stone industry is more than 300 billion yuan. The development of China's stone industry is fast, with sales of more than 300 billion yuan, and domestic high-quality mine resources are very hot. Mine resources are hot According to industry sources, the current domestic high-end marble gross margin can be as high as 70%, so it attracts many people "Nuggets." “When the quality is equivalent, the impact of production on price is crucial. A single stone enterprise with an annual output of 1 million square meters and a stone enterprise with an annual output of tens of thousands of square meters cannot have product quality, market support capability and price control capability. In the same way, mines are not short of money, and they can be turned into cash when they are dug out. Therefore, high-quality mine resources are very hot and basically finished.” Beichuan Yi Autonomous County of Sichuan Province won the “Home of Chinese Beige Marble” at the end of 2010. "The honorary title, once again set off the "mine" tide of the stone enterprise race. The real monopoly in the domestic market is imported high-grade beige marble, accounting for about 80%. The provinces currently producing beige marble blocks in China are mainly Yunnan and Guizhou provinces, and the total annual output is less than 100,000 cubic meters. The size of the Yunnan mining area is small and scattered, the variety of flowers and colors is mixed, and the block size is small. Guizhou ore has a low degree of crystallization, soft material and poor polishing luminosity. The prices of the building decorative panels produced by the two provinces are at the middle and low level, and the price is generally around 100 yuan / square meter. China's stone resources reserves rank first in the world, but high-grade marble reserves are not many, especially the beige marble resources are extremely scarce. For the current stone industry sales of more than 300 billion yuan, domestic high-quality mine resources are very hot, the majority of domestic stone enterprises are small, small workshop management mode, but survive. Small workshop management mode to survive 尴尬 At present, the price of Spanish beige is also 900-1200 yuan per square meter, Iranian Shaanna is 1200-1800 yuan per square meter, and domestic marble is only 100-800 yuan per square meter. Imported marble is still in short supply. From January to November 2010, China's imports of marble and granite blocks were 10.72 million tons, up 55.4% year-on-year, and imports were US$1.94 billion, up 58.9% year-on-year. "In fact, most of the stone companies' history is based on exports, importing foreign materials from abroad, and then processing and re-exporting or part of domestic sales. Many imported stone products are not equal in price and quality, domestically produced high-quality marble, The price is lower than that of foreign countries." Tan Jinhua said. Most of the domestic stone enterprises are small in scale, low in technology and equipment, and still use a large number of backward processing machinery with low production efficiency and difficult quality assurance. The traditional backward small workshop-style management mode relies on “eat resources” to survive. universal. Zou Chuansheng, president of the China Stone Association, pointed out that the modern stone industry should be mechanized and intelligent in mining and stone processing, and standardized in stone products and resource-saving. "Overall, China's stone industry is still far from this goal."  

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