Cigarette Atomizer Cutting Quartz Tube

  • Model NO.: HKQT-0598
  • Pipe Material: Glass
  • Wall Thick Ness: 1.5mm
  • Specification: CE
  • Application: Tc Quartz Tube
  • Od: 23mm
  • Trademark: HKQT
  • Origin: Jiangsu
This material is commonly called 'germicidal' or 'ozone free' quartz glass. It is produced to transmit UV-A and UV-B while blocking the deep high wavelengths. This makes it the ideal material for many disinfecting applications and various other UV treatment applications.

Our clear quartz tubing features high purity (>99.99%), good physical and chemical properties, tight tolerances, and low -OH content. The tubes are used in a variety of applications by our customers. Special dimensions and tolerances are available upon requests. We also offer UV-cutoff tubing, ozone free tubing and irregular-shaped tubing.

Transparent Quartz tubes widely apply to Semiconductor, Lighting, and Electric heating Industrial field.

Dimensional Tolerance

Range of OD OD WT SidingOut of Round Bow\1220mm
≤ 6mm± 2.0% ± 10% 12%2.0%2.5mm
6.00-15.00mm± 1.25% ± 8% 10%1.5%2.5mm
15.00-20.00mm± 1.25% ± 10% 15%1.5%2.5mm
20.00-25.00mm± 1.25% ± 10% 15%1.5%3.0mm
25.00-30.00mm± 1.35% ± 12% 15% 1.5% 3.0mm
30.00-80.00mm± 1.5% ± 14% 15%2.0%3.0mm
80.00-100.00mm± 1.0% ± 0.5mm 15%2.0%3.0mm
100.00-120.00± 1.5% ± 0.8mm 15%2.0%3.0mm
120.00-160.00± 1.8% ± 1.0mm 20%2.5%3.0mm
160.00-180.00± 3.0% ± 1.0mm 25%2.5%3.0mm
180.00-200.00± 4.0% ± 1.5mm 25%2.5%3.0mm
200.00-240.00± 4.0% ± 1.5mm 25%2.5%3.0mm
240.00-280.00± 6.0% ± 2.0mm 25%2.5%3.0mm
280.00 above± 8.0% ± 3.0mm 25%2.5%3.0mm

Multi-functional Screwdriver

Screwdriver is a tool used to turn a screw to force it into place. It usually has a thin wedge head that can be inserted into the slot or notch of the screw head. There are mainly one character (minus sign) and cross (plus sign). There are also common hexagon screw drivers, including two kinds of inner hexagon and outer hexagon.

Screwdriver handle material are PVC and PP. The screwdriver bar is made of 45 carbon steel, chrome vanadium steel and S2 steel.The screwdriver is generally divided into flat tail and butterfly tail.

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