Duplex Building Stairs Advantages How to Double Tower Stairs Precautions

Now we choose the decoration style in the home, we must pay attention to how to design the style of our living room, especially this duplex staircase is the decoration style that friends have been yearning for. What kind of advantages does the duplex staircase have? It’s not what my friends usually think of. Just let our Xiaobian tell you how the design of the duplex staircase is.


First, the advantages of the duplex stairs

1. This duplex staircase decoration that friends have always liked has a kind of separation that can be the dynamic and static of the overall home decoration style. In the duplex living room, usually the daily visitor entertainment is arranged on the lower floor, while the study room and Bedrooms and other places are arranged on the upper floor. Such an arrangement has the advantage of making the open space more open and the privacy space more confidential.

2. Another advantage of the duplex building is that it provides more space for the design of the decoration. Through the continuous design of the interior space, it is also necessary to start from the detailed point. Therefore, the decoration skill of the duplex building is very important, if Just the right design and use can often be a icing on the cake.

Second, the design concept of the duplex staircase

Stair railing

The custom space of this double staircase is relatively large, and it can be changed as much as you like. The wrought iron handrail is very retro but cold in winter; the wooden handrail is smoother and more comfortable. The guardrail of the fancy stairway is a wrought iron pattern. The spacing between the pattern and the pattern is also very reasonable. Don't worry that the child who is not sensible will fall off the gap. It can be said to be safe and practical. Like the armrests and pedals, the pattern of the guardrail is also available in a variety of options to better meet the individual needs of young people.


2. Step width

Then, when the stairs are walking a lot, the width of the stairs can be determined. The width of the single-passage ladder is generally greater than 1100mm. The general finished staircase should be designed according to this width.

Third, the duplex building stairs considerations

1. When we are doing this renovation of the stairs, we can focus on the stair materials, and there is also the need to pay attention to, that is, whether there are elderly people and children in the family. Under normal circumstances, old people or children with large ages, it is best to avoid the use of steel and iron, stair steps do not have to be too high, stair handrails are best made of a circular arc, do not have too sharp edges. Wooden floor and carpeting are available for stair treads.

2. Some of the stairs we often see are decorated with wooden floors or iron-made handrails, so it may be more suitable for home decoration in European style, but we will see that many people are placed at home, no matter where they are placed. The classical Chinese furniture is still the modern and simple style of the room design, all of which use iron hurdles to decorate the stairs, which is contrary to the principle of harmonization of interior design.

Duplex stairs Nowadays, in our opinion, the design of our duplex stairs is different from other home decoration styles, and this duplex staircase has many advantages, which is the key that friends have always liked. There is also the need to pay attention to the precautions of the stairs in the complex. Next, our friends can continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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