How to protect the car bearings?

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How to protect the car bearings?

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How to protect the car bearings?
The application of the protection of automobile bearings clarifies the summary: the application of the protection of the automobile bearing clarifies the scale of the extra load of the vehicle. The severe overload is directly caused by the bearing overload bearing. The early failure of the bearing is more severe. The vehicle body safety accident is stopped. The bearing abnormal impact load is periodically checked. The bearing operation status is focused on investigating the bearing. Whether the part can be abnormally sounding part of the sharp temperature rise, the appearance of the demand, the timing of the quantitative liquid dynamic pressure bearing, the common shaft shell with the axle bearing, the protection method:
1. The vehicle should work within the extra load scale; if it is severe overload, it will directly cause bearing overload; it will cause early failure of the bearing; more serious is the formation of vehicle faults and personal safety accidents.
2. Stop the bearing from being subjected to abnormal impact loads.
3. Regularly check the operation status of the bearing; pay attention to whether the bearing part can have abnormal sound and some sharp temperature rise appearance.
4. Regularly and quantitatively add lubricating oil or grease according to demand.
5, according to the vehicle operating conditions; at least half a year to completely replace the lubricating oil; and carefully look at the bearings,
6. View under the condition of bearing protection: Clean the bearing under disassembly with fire oil or gasoline; carefully investigate whether the cylindrical surface of the bearing table has sliding or moving surface; whether the bearing surface of the bearing has no falling off or pitting Condition; whether the rolling body and the cage can be worn and deformed; the induction condition according to the bearing view; whether the bearing can be continuously used.
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