What kind of material is good for villa gates?

In many family villas, the gates are usually made of iron or copper materials. There are few wooden doors, and wooden materials are mostly used as ornaments. For the maintenance of iron or copper and other metal gates should be rust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-exposure, and wear and other effects, in order to better extend its "life." Next, Xiao Bian will introduce to you the materials used for the villa gate and the selection of villa gates.

What kind of material is good for the villa door?

The first, the villa door is best to choose the copper gate that is very recognized in safety and stability

Copper has always attracted attention in terms of stability and safety, coupled with its uneasy forging, and its exquisite design has always been the preferred choice for high-quality villas, a symbol of nobility and historical accumulation, and represents a family. Temperament.

Second, the villa door is also recommended for aluminum

Aluminium doors are also stable, not susceptible to wind and rain, and they are also richer in styling and color matching. The cost is also relatively cheap. However, it is worth noting that aluminum doors are more practical than copper gates. In terms of sturdiness, it is slightly worse, and the temperament is not as deep as a bronze door.

Tips for choosing villa doors

First, tactile sense. Pay attention to the design of cast aluminum door, thickness, there is a flaw, there is no conditioning is not clear.

Second, color control. Whether the color is uniform or not, whether it is in harmony with the selected furniture decoration color.

Third, look at the details. Pattern design, whether the casting is fine, is a reflection of the quality of the cast aluminum door.

Fourth, density. Close the door to see if there is no large gap in the seal chamber.

Select skillful maintenance methods

1, rust. Avoid bumping other objects to prevent the surface of the villa door off the anti-rust paint, thereby speeding up the degree of rust. If any lacquer falls off, it should be painted in time to prevent it from rusting. After a rainy day or heavy fog, apply a dry rag to clean the water in time.

2, regular dust. Due to the large number of outdoor dust particles that accumulate all year round, a layer of dust adheres to the iron gate. It can be cleaned with a dry towel, but care should be taken not to use detergents that contain chemical components that damage the protective layer of the paint. For the depressions in the wrought iron gate and the dust in the embossed ornament, it is best to use a soft wool brush to dust, in short, can not be wiped with a hard cloth.

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What kind of material is good for the modern villa door

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