2014 simple and elegant show popular in Europe

Home is closely related to a person's life, it is in every corner of your life, and for home furnishing companies who make furniture, they always have their own unique set of insights and views on the trend of furniture trends, through them you can understand the latest home furnishing The dynamic and direction, because they have the most say.

Thanks to Europeans for arranging a series of home furnishing exhibitions after the Lunar New Year and before the Lunar New Year, giving me a memorable start in 2014. The 20-day European home inspection tour has been vividly remembered. In those days, our group continually ran around Germany, Britain and France. In addition to participating in the five major home furnishing exhibitions, we also inspected some European home furnishing hypermarkets, high-end brand home furnishing stores and antique home furnishing stores on European streets.

The five major home furnishing exhibitions we visited on this road were: Frankfurt Home Textiles Exhibition in Germany, Hanover Ground Material Exhibition in Germany, Cologne International Furniture Exhibition in Germany, Birmingham Furniture Exhibition in the United Kingdom and Paris International Home Decoration Exhibition in France. The content, level, focus and theme of the five exhibitions are very different, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, but it can still give a glimpse of some home trends.

Simplicity and elegance prevail in Europe

What is different from the American High Point Furniture Fair is that it is the simple style home that occupies the dominant position in the major home furnishing exhibitions in Europe. Moreover, not only the style of furniture is simplified, but the colors of home are also restrained. Judging from the Cologne and Paris exhibitions, plain, blue and gray furniture will be the mainstream of the future market.

What is interesting is that furniture design is moving in two very different directions. On the one hand, in order to meet the needs of mankind to be close to nature and pursue authenticity, a lot of natural wood without paint treatment is used in furniture, willow and birch are everywhere, and oak is the protagonist who plays a heavy role. On the other hand, in order to fight the cold reality full of pressure, color seems to be a cure. Many technical fabrics and plastic chairs with high color freedom make the home space particularly flexible.

Candy color cream color shines

When it comes to color, it is the place that attracts the most up-and-coming female designers. In her view, all kinds of new candy colors and cream colors shine, which is one of the main highlights of the Paris exhibition. Another thing in her eyes is the pattern. Because she often pays attention to the four major international fashion weeks, she notices that European home furnishing exhibitions closely follow the popular fashion elements, such as black and white stripes, color matching geometric patterns, color waves, printing, exotic styles, ethnic patterns, etc , Are integrated into the home design.

Luxury brands' cross-border business models have entered the field of home furnishing. Brands represented by FENDI Home Furnishing and Bentley Home Furnishing are looking for buyers who love home through the exhibition. The high-end Fusen · Mei Home has aroused their interest. Through negotiations, these two luxury home furnishing brands are about to settle in Fusen · Mei Home.

Europeans take home life very seriously

In addition to the trend of home furnishing, the Europeans' understanding of home furnishing products, home furnishing brands and home lifestyles is more enamoured. Many Europeans may not drive the best cars and buy the best clothes, but they attach great importance to home life and are willing to spend a lot of money and life time to improve the quality of home. In contrast, Chinese people seem to be different, but because of this, the Chinese home furnishing industry is promising and the prospects are promising.

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