The police in Shache County, Xinjiang attacked you and taught you how to deal with it

In the early morning of July 28, Shache County, Xinjiang, a serious violent terrorist attack occurred. On July 28, a group of thugs attacked the government and police station of Ailixihu Town with a knife and axe, and some thugs rushed to the wasteland town, smashed and burned passing vehicles, hacked innocent people, and caused dozens of Uighur Han people casualties, One car was smashed and six of them were burned. The public security police quickly handled them in accordance with the law and killed dozens of thugs. After a preliminary investigation, this was an organized, premeditated, well-planned, and severely violent terrorist attack. At present, the public security organs are doing their best to detect, the injured people are effectively treated, and the local social order is normal.

What should I do if I encounter a terrorist incident? In case of terror, the first thing you need to do is to calm down and keep your brain awake, never panic.

1. Be calm

In case of terror, the first thing you need to do is to calm down and keep your brain awake, never panic.

2. Be sure to stay away from the scene

Don't step forward and watch because of curiosity, if conditions permit, leaving the scene quickly is the safest.

3. Remember: you must not take pictures

Especially those who love to take photos and love hair, must pay attention to this one, do not try to take a moment to take photos on the spot, and then your personal safety is the most important.

4. Stay alert at all times and escape

Do n’t panic when you are in terror, or even be scared to stay where you are and do n’t dare to move, quickly find a bunker to avoid, and leave the scene quickly once the time is right.

5. Never confront head-on with terrorists

Now it is not a time to be a hero or to be cool, and the terrorists are all prepared. Don't do any hard work with them, otherwise we will be the only ones who suffer.

Six, alarm in time after safety

When you escape the danger and arrive at a safe place, please call "110" in time to inform the police of the scene details you know so that the police can arrest them.

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