Customized furniture to meet individual needs

At present, custom furniture has a market share of about 10%, and is mainly concentrated in categories such as cabinets , doors, windows, and stairs. For some so-called "local tyrants" consumers, the custom-made route is "high-end atmospheric grade", they "buy the right, but also expensive." For home improvement, their pursuit has gone beyond practical functions, or modern luxury, or Chinese classical, or French romance, or American pastoral, etc., is more a symbol of status and taste of life.

Consumers "heartfelt" custom furniture

The film "Private Customization" expresses this meaning very well: "Private Customization" satisfies the "social class from poor to rich and low to high" and "taste from" Xiariba "to" Yangchun Baixue "" Customized requirements.

At present, most of the custom furniture is modern panel furniture . From the perspective of selection of materials, comprehensive consideration of consumers 'investment in capital and the company's cost budget, etc., will inevitably limit consumers' choices to a certain extent.

But even so, because it can be built according to the needs of consumers' living habits and room color modeling, it is still more and more sought after.

The reason why custom-made furniture is popular, in addition to satisfying the individual needs of the owners, is also an important reason-now the main force of buying homes is the post-80s and post-90s people, their economic strength is not very strong, and they generally buy small and medium-sized houses . In order to maximize the "potential" of the apartment type and make full use of the room space, they will first choose to customize the furniture according to their own ideas.

Wooden door enterprises should value "customization"

Private customization in the home furnishing industry has become the norm. Whether it is a store, home improvement or brand, it provides various forms of customization services. For the customized wooden door market, in addition to some large home stores, building materials, furniture companies, decoration companies, soft decoration companies, etc. have also crossed their own industry fields, extending their tentacles to other wider areas and making more changes. More integrated resources. Wu Chenxi, chairman of TATA Wooden Door, also said that in 2014, the needs of customers will be more refined, products, services and other needs will be tailored, and big data will be used for individual customization.

"Private custom" high-end home products have become a major feature and beauty, affecting and changing every moment of the industry, becoming a hurricane that will sweep the industry in 2014. If a wooden door enterprise wants to really make good products, good product quality and service, it can not only create its own brand culture, brand characteristics and brand reputation, but also enhance its own anti-risk ability and competitiveness, so as to keep the same Change and become a big winner in the market.

2014 is a genuine brand year. With the improvement of people's quality of life needs and the emphasis on life health, high-end products and brand wooden doors will be more likely to be favored and recognized by consumers.

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