Italian luxury furniture Medici-Achieve industry dominance

On May 26th, the Medici Furniture Art Museum (), located at 72 Nanjing Road, Qingdao City, and the president of Italian Home Furnishing signed a sale in China, giving the greatest efforts to give back to new and old customers. The arrival of several Italian furniture presidents once again proves that Medici's pure blood is from Italy. "Quality refuses to be mixed, and 100% Italian home furnishing products are made", which is Metic's commitment to Chinese high-end home furnishing consumers. This time, by holding this event, the Medici Home Art Museum focused on displaying the world-renowned Italian high-end home furnishing brands , which further highlighted the connotation and taste of Italian home furnishing culture and pushed the international high-end home furnishing cultural elements to the extreme, becoming China ’s high-end home furnishing model.

Presidents and representatives of various brands came to the Medici Home Art Museum

Presidents of various brands sign for sale at the Medici Home Art Museum

In addition to being widely recognized by consumers and the furniture industry, this event also received special attention from the news media. During the event, reporters from Sina Home, Qingdao Soufang and Qingdao News conducted special interviews with nine products including Capanelli, Alevi and Ezio Bellodi. In the interview, the reporter conducted specific questions about the development, style, design concept and production process of the Italian furniture brand, so that we once again fully understood the Italian furniture brand. Through this interview, in addition to further understanding the charm of Italian furniture , we also lamented their seriousness and sincerity in the production of each piece of furniture.

Italian furniture, known for its design, occupies a pivotal position in the history of world furniture. Italy has gathered thousands of years of human history under the accumulation of the Renaissance. It combines traditional production techniques and modern technical means. It has an excellent reputation in the world with superb workmanship and modern technical means. Medici hopes to take this opportunity to prove to Chinese consumers that the authenticity of Italian furniture and their exquisite craftsmanship and elegant design style.

Operating in good faith, the domestic imported top home furnishing market represented by the president's signing entered the "Metic era".

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