Warm congratulations on the successful holding of the second member meeting of the 2nd Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce in Xiangcheng District

Secondary-second General Assembly in Suzhou City of Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce was held at Buckingham Grand Hotel of the City November 8. Suzhou City, Yang Hua, president of Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce as a "work report in Suzhou City of Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce general meeting of the two-second." With the joint efforts of Chairman Yang Hua , the vice-chairmen and directors, and with the support of the majority of Wenzhou natives and entrepreneurs from Su Xiangcheng , they have done a lot of fruitful work. After the establishment of the chamber of commerce, how to carry out work, establish a working mechanism, conducted a good exploration, all aspects of work have entered the normal way.

Service members have been deeply rooted sense of Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce to establish the purpose, that is, for the majority of entrepreneurs all over the city with business services, which is the historical mission of the Chamber of Commerce, and the duty, in the past few years to carry out efficient service, made a very good grade.

     This meeting was a complete success!

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The anti-cracking ability of the non-structural crack in the plastic stage of concrete is improved.

It is a kind of effective rigid self-waterproofing material.

The range of noil is 0.6-1.8 kg/m3, and the concrete anti-cracking anti-seepage is usually 0.9kg/m3.

Main functions: to prevent concrete cracks, improve the permeability resistance of concrete, improve the freezing-thawing resisting performance of concrete, improve the impact resistance of concrete, folding resistance, fatigue resistance, seismic performance, improve the durability of concrete, aging resistance, improve the fireproof performance of concrete.

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