The trend of "aging" is rising and the overall wardrobe enterprise is another "gold mine"?

Due to the development of China's population model, the Chinese society has been aging for more than ten years, and it is still on the rise. During the two decades from 2015 to 2035, the elderly in China will continue to increase rapidly. The trend of aging is obviously accelerating. For the overall wardrobe industry , the elderly market is a gap that can be filled.

Today, the wardrobe market is popular, but the elderly market is a blank sheet. There are many reasons for this. Subjectively speaking, some wardrobe brands only focus on young consumers and ignore the consumption needs of the elderly. Some wardrobe companies regard the needs of elderly wardrobes as "non-mainstream" and ignore them. Some wardrobe companies hold a wait-and-see attitude and make a series of wardrobe products to test the market.

Objectively, it is the elderly's consumption concept. The consumption concept of the elderly is "to emphasize savings over consumption and children over themselves", especially products such as whole wardrobes. The elderly are mainly subordinate to their children.

Under the trend of aging too quickly, there is a market gap in the overall wardrobe market, and wardrobe companies must seize market development opportunities. Industry insiders said that the prospects for the elderly home market are promising. The elderly wardrobe may become a new direction and new market for the development of wardrobe enterprises. Moreover, now that the concept of harmony is deeply rooted in the hearts of people, many consumers are willing to spend money on their parents, and add luster to their parents ’home life by purchasing household items such as whole wardrobes.

After having market goals, "how to" has become one of the important issues that wardrobe companies need to consider. So, how should the overall wardrobe enterprise seize the opportunity of "aging" to nuggets? The author believes that the overall wardrobe enterprise can actively develop the elderly market through the "aging" of products.

When developing the elderly wardrobe, the overall wardrobe should combine the characteristics of the elderly's life and design a wardrobe product that is truly suitable for the elderly. The elderly have a long life at home. The practicality, safety and comfort of the wardrobe are particularly important. They must also have the characteristics of health, environmental protection and function.

For the elderly, because of the hard work of the previous generation, the concept of "regarding savings and not consumption" has reached the bottom of my heart. However, with the uproar of young people buying homes, the upsurge of home decoration has come together, especially the elderly in towns will inevitably face the choice of wardrobe furniture, and this market gap is also an opportunity for wardrobe companies to develop. The price and function can be determined according to the living habits and consumption concepts of the elderly.

1. Product introduction

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