Four measures to improve the space utilization

We also remedy the method of remedying the disease. We must enrich the spatial level for spaces that do not have reasonable divisions, and we must “zero” and increase practicability. As for the fragmented space, we should put too much fragmentation into the space, otherwise people will feel cramped and depressed. The dead space or irregular spatial structure of the house structure can be designed as a separate area through functional transformation and increase its practicality.

1. If it is a garbage corner space formed due to the stair structure, such a space is very common in a multiple structure, and it cannot be changed by modifying the structure, but you can use it, and many times we will deal with spatial weakening. Closed treatment will make the area more cramped. It would be better to open it up. As a recreation area, the wall can be hung with pictures that increase the atmosphere, making the entire space more temperamental. It can also be used as a buffer zone for your master bedroom and passage, making it a small family reunion area, and a more convenient reading area. You can do it here while the other half is already resting. Do what you like to do without worrying about disturbing others.

2. If you encounter a large space that leads to the end, we need to separate, then we can use the partition to partition the oversized space. This is a very practical way to set the space. In this way, the integrity of the space is preserved. , And independence has also been promoted, avoiding the space and the relative privacy of the higher requirements of the space in series, causing use problems. Or use a push-pull partition to divide. When closed, the two spaces can be separated into relatively independent use spaces. When the push-pull partition is opened, the two spaces are merged into a large and spacious space that can satisfy family parties and other people. More demand for large space.

3, if it is a small space connected with the living room space, a small area makes it a little bit awkward, kitchen and bathroom functional areas are not suitable for placement here, and as the resident's study, it is indeed a bit small, will It is indeed a good idea to create a leisure area without a clear function, which can be used as a supplement to the guest area. Second, guests can have a space for fun. With some soft decorative partitions, it can be relatively private, or it can be integrated into the living room when necessary.

4, if the room space is limited, then certainly need to increase the storage space of the room. For example, the high bed position makes the bed become a huge capacity locker, and the dead corner of the garbage can also be designed as a high cabinet with a design, which has both a sense of design and a strong practicality.

Let design create our life, reject the waste of space, and increase the use of living space to make life more comfortable.

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