Don't let the "safety rope" loose at high places

Sustained high temperatures, sales of air conditioners surged, and air-conditioning installers were also busy. Recently, there have been a number of accidents involving air-conditioning installation workers in China, and the issue of safety and security of air-conditioning installation workers has once again caused public concern.

Old residential building facilities are aging, easy to present danger

The installers often leaned on the ropes, climbed out of the fence, drilled holes in the wall with a hand-held electric drill, and stepped on the rusted air-conditioner outriggers on their feet; the other stood at the corner of the stairs, carrying smoke. There was a rope; there was one who was not wearing a safety rope and stood directly on the edge of the window to install a brass pipe for an air conditioning plug-in. He appeared to be “very calm and calm” and did not worry about the danger of falling.

“Old residential buildings are generally not high, and we are not worried. We are most afraid of installing air conditioners in new communities. Most of them are high-rise buildings. The walls are all reinforced and concrete. It is very difficult to drill holes. Once, I was in the 23rd floor. A busy hour is two hours, hot weather, and nothing to block the sun, I was so dizzy, and I almost fell off,” said Master Wang.

In fact, the old residential building where Master Wang is not worried is an accident-prone area. Due to rain erosion, sun exposure, natural corrosion, etc., many old residential building guardrails, security windows, brackets and other aging phenomena, coupled with the air conditioning installation staff vigilance is not high, prone to falling building incident.

On July 26, an accident occurred on Building 3, Jiahe Court, Cangxia New Town, Taijiang District, Fuzhou City. At that time, the workers tied the safety ropes to the security windows. Due to the aging of the security windows, they suddenly loosened, causing the safety ropes to fall off and the workers to fall seriously from the building.

70% of installers have not been trained and have no certificates

Many refurbishment workers do short-term work. From July to September each year, when they are in the air-conditioning installation season, they look for an installation company to "attach" and have not signed a labor contract, but only according to business volume.

There are quite a few “guerillas” who have not signed labor contracts and have not undergone induction training in the air-conditioning installation industry. Some installation companies are not equipped with safety equipment in order to save costs, and some even have to install their own safety ropes. Some workers lack security awareness, either buying cheap safety ropes or simply not using them.

According to the relevant regulations, an altitude of two meters or more is in the area of ​​high-level operations. Air-conditioning installers must be trained in qualified labor institutions to obtain a high-level workplace permit before they can take up posts; manufacturers and installation companies perform At the same time as training, they must be equipped with perfect safety protective equipment. However, the reporter learned from the Fuzhou Household Electrical Appliances Association that the city’s existing air-conditioning installers holding certificates only account for 30% of the total number of employees.

The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Work Safety Administration stated that many air-conditioning installation companies were not registered, and some so-called air-conditioner after-sales service outlets temporarily rented houses to “play a shot for a place” and leave outside supervision. "The unlicensed and unlicensed employees employed by these unlicensed operating companies

The installer is a high-risk group of security accidents, but it is difficult for us to supervise it. "He said.

Air-conditioning installers face various security risks, but most of them do not have insurance.

It is understood that a considerable number of air-conditioning installation companies do not handle personal accident insurance for workers, and many workers are not covered by insurance for saving money and luck. In addition, insurance companies set a high threshold for the purchase of personal accident insurance for air-conditioning installation workers, some of which have high premiums, some have small claims, and some even refuse to protect.

“I went to consult. Once I heard that I had to pay five or six hundred yuan per year for accident insurance, and medical insurance would have to be insured separately, I would cancel my thoughts. After all, I've been working for a few months a year. It's not worth paying so much premium. "Master Wang said.

Regulate the development of the industry, and more measures to resolve the risks

In order to resolve the security risks in the air-conditioning installation industry, some members of the CPPCC in Fuzhou proposed that the hazards of work at high altitudes cannot be completely eliminated, but that air-conditioning installation workers can provide more safety guarantees and strive to reduce the probability of occurrence of dangers. To the lowest.

First of all, safety supervision, labor and other departments joined hands to increase law enforcement efforts, requiring all air-conditioning installation personnel must participate in training, after passing the assessment certificate holders, so as to guide the establishment of a standardized air-conditioning installation team; practitioners must be formal In the form of a company, it is necessary to affiliate a formal company with no conditions to set up a company, and to strengthen management and formulate specific rules for safe operations.

Secondly, in order to eliminate hardware risks, the construction department should clearly specify that the new building must be equipped with a cement base or safety fence for external air conditioners; for old residential buildings, government subsidies, air conditioner manufacturers' cooperation, etc., and aging external air conditioners can be adopted. The stand is updated, or cement bases and safety fences are added.

In addition, insurance companies should increase their awareness of social responsibility, combine the characteristics of the industry, and develop more insurance products suitable for high-level operators, and appropriately lower the threshold for insurance. In this way, air-conditioning installers and their families can provide more protection in the event of a safety incident.

(China Labor Insurance Network)


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