Japan's tightly developed "Uster" self-drilling screws

Japan's PIAS SALES develops the "Uster" self-drilling screw

Japan Uster Drilling Screw

    The new product developed by Japan PIAS SALES PIAS series of self-drilling screws has been highly evaluated in the market and is most suitable for superimposed construction of thin plates and panels. The "Uster" drill-tail screw is the thinnest 4mm diameter head screw with three major features: The head height is only 1.5mm, no cam out, and high design. The 1.5mm high head minimizes the interference of thin-plate superimposed construction operations without the need to worry about slippage. The exquisite head design makes the screws not appear to protrude when tightened, and the superior aesthetics are not afraid to be seen by the naked eye.

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