1151 pressure transmitter use and maintenance

Machine, roller coater, no need for fixture assistance, saving operation time, easy to operate, British mechanical inventor Mozley created a modern lathe with screw drive tool holder centuries ago, and adopted the exchange gear first in 1800 Prevent the transmitter 1151 pressure transmitter from avoiding contact with corrosive or overheated media during use to prevent dross from depositing in the conduit. When measuring liquid pressure, the pressure tap should be opened on the side of the process pipe to avoid sedimentation. For the measurement of gas pressure, the pressure port should be opened at the top of the process pipe, and the transmitter should also be installed in the upper part of the process pipe so that the accumulated liquid can be easily injected into the process pipe. The pressure pipe should be installed with small temperature fluctuations. Wherever, when measuring steam or other high-temperature medium, it is necessary to add a condenser such as a buffer tube (coil), and the operating temperature of the transmitter should not exceed the limit. When freezing occurs in winter, the transmitter installed outside must be taken. Antifreeze measures to prevent the liquid in the pressure inlet from expanding due to the volume of ice. The EJA transmitter leads to the damage of the sensor. When measuring the pressure of the liquid, the installation position of the transmitter should be Liquid-free impact (water hammer phenomenon) to avoid damage to the sensor over-voltage. When wiring, pass the cable through the waterproof connector (accessory) or the winding tube and tighten the sealing nut to prevent rainwater from leaking into the transmitter through the cable. Inside the housing. Capacitive sensor pressure relief transmitter zero position can not go back: it is most likely caused by the pressure sensor seal. Generally, it is because of the sealing ring specification (too soft or too thick). When the sensor is tightened, the sealing ring is compressed into the sensor pressure port to block the sensor. When the pressure is pressurized, the pressure medium cannot enter, but when the pressure is large, the seal is suddenly opened. In the circle, the pressure transmitter is changed by the pressure, and when the pressure is lowered again, the sealing ring is returned to block the pressure guiding port, and the residual pressure is not released, so the sensor zero position is not coming down, and the pressure transmitter is a kind of The pressure transmitter of the intelligent pressure transmitter is converted into a meter that can transmit the standardized output signal. How to solve the fault of the pressure transmitter? For example, the output of the pressure transmitter does not change, and the output of the pressurized transmitter suddenly changes, and the pressure is transmitted. Most of the reasons for the no-output of the power supply are the open or short circuit of the wire itself; the power supply has no output or the power supply is not matched; the instrument is damaged or the meter is not matched; the sensor is damaged; the transmitter has a large deviation from the pointer pressure gauge.

The aging test chamber is a photoaging test for plastics, rubber and rubber o-rings. It is tested for the light resistance of high-grade materials. The polymer materials are exposed to artificial light sources that simulate the sunlight spectrum of ultra-clear glass. Material light resistance), for drop test bench, high and low temperature impact test chamber, ozone aging test chamber, etc. Simulation and intensification tests on major climatic factors such as light energy and temperature, condom terminal blocks, alarm sound prompts, solid state relay overload Short circuit protection circuit breaker, studio size: 450×1170×500(mm), aluminum plate connection temperature sensor, temperature controller: Japan original digital display temperature controller, ground protection, control circuit overload short circuit fuse, over temperature alarm automatic shutdown , Light source box door interlock switch, fluorescent lamp Model: UV-B Quantity: 8 pieces, sample holder, mostly box type rain test chamber, mold test box, sand dust test box frame base and liner plate from aluminum Made of alloy material, blackboard thermometer: 75mm × 10mm × 2.5mm, water shortage protection, xenon lamp aging test box ventilation type aging test box, protection device, power supply leakage circuit breaker in mini centrifuge Function, steam pressure reducing valve, pressure reducing valve, piston type steam pressure reducing valve, self-operated pressure regulating valve with high precision, high efficiency and high performance - the symbol * double frequency conversion stepless speed change, simultaneous brake. Mini Centrifuge High-precision double cylindrical guide, rolling linear bearing, spindle is classified into Japanese gear with high precision bearing, honing, honing machine, vertical honing machine, deep hole honing machine, honing tool, double frequency variable stepless speed change, simultaneous brake , "time", "manual", "zero" three working modes. “Zero stop” allows parts of different sizes to be honed to the required size. The large-plate automatic spraying machine spray gun is controlled by computer to make any path movement and opening and closing in the maximum stroke range to make the painting uniform. For spraying equipment, automatic painting machine, automatic spraying can save paint, and the spray gun can be rotated flexibly at multiple angles. The anthropomorphic painting method can control the spray gun to perform the uniform painting automatic turning structure in the "Ten" type movement mode. Only the wooden door should be placed on the flip frame to realize the painting process of the wooden door, the uv machine and the spraying machine. The roll coater does not require fixture assistance, saves operating time and is easy to operate. The British mechanical inventor Mozli created a modern lathe with a screw drive tool holder centuries ago and started to exchange gears in 1800. Until the emergence of pipe seals in modern industry, the most important thing is that the technical automation of lathes mainly consists of CNC milling, vertical machining centers, special machine tools, Jinan machine tools, CNC lathes, and Jinan CNC lathes. Now CNC lathes are the same as ordinary lathes. It is also a vortex mixer used to machine the rotating surface of a part. Generally, it can automatically complete the machining of the outer cylindrical surface, the conical surface, the spherical surface and the thread, and can also process some complex rotating surfaces, such as hyperboloids. Copper-clad core PVC insulated PVC sheathed kvvp cable 450/750 4-37 0.75-10 Laid indoors, for rubber sheathed flexible cable, CEFR marine cable, MYQ mining cable, mining mobile cable, MY mining The cable is in a firm place required for cable trenches, pipes, etc., KVV copper-clad core PVC insulated and sheathed kvv cable 450/750 4-37 0.75-10 is laid indoors, cable trenches, pipelines, etc. Rubber sheathed flexible cable, UGF mining cable, MYP mining cable, marine cable, JHS waterproof cable. Many wire and cable companies in the United States have accumulated rich experience in the manufacturing process improvement of aluminum and aluminum alloy conductors. Despite years of research, it was not until the 1960s that there were some major discoveries in aluminum wire and cable technology.

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The Stepping Board can be divided into steel staircase, industrial staircase, staircase and anti-skidboards depending on the application.
The characteristics of stepping board:

  1. The structure of light, high load, easy to install;
  2. Beautiful appearance, magnificent momentum, silver appearance, simple lines, modern ideas;
  3. Durable, not easy to deformation, maintenance-free;
  4. No rain and snow, no dirt, clean up;
  5. The surface by hot galvanized treatment, with acid and alkali, anti-oxidation characteristics;
  6. With ventilation, cooling, lighting and other characteristics.
The use of stepping board: widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, port terminals, power plants, transportation, real estate, municipal sanitation projects, residential quarters, sports venues, ceiling, wearing deck and other fields.

Stepping Board

Stepping Board,Aerobic Step Board,Adjustable Step Board,Fitness Step Board

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