Identify the combination of good and bad skills

Page 1: Anti-theft lock product reform and upgrade

Anti-theft locks are the ultimate ideal lock for modern people to buy all locks, but some manufacturers verbally advertise that their products are completely burglar-proof, but they are still stolen, so people do not know how to buy real anti-theft locks.

Anti-theft lock product reform and upgrade

Due to its value and function, indoor door locks and anti-theft door locks are gradually becoming two-stage.

At present, whether the door manufacturer or the consumer is most concerned about the appearance and price of the product when purchasing the indoor door lock, the quality of the product is often neglected. This has led to the occurrence of a cold sale of mid- to high-end interior door locks.

In recent years, due to the influence of economic instability at home and abroad, the development of the door industry is not ideal. Manufacturers have reduced costs and won market share through small profits but quick turnover. When purchasing locks, they tend to focus on products that are cheaper and better. Those high-end locks that are of high quality and have a certain price will only be selected by a small number of door enterprises that take the high-end branding route.

For those living in ordinary suites, the interior door locks do not require advanced anti-theft features, but at home, the beauty is fine. Moreover, indoor door locks are not used frequently, and there is no high requirement in terms of life.

Although consumers prefer middle and low-end indoor door locks, mid-to-high-end anti-theft door locks are gradually becoming the mainstream of sales in the industry. This is mainly because the high-end anti-theft door locks have very high security protection performance, which can protect the lives and property of users. On the other hand, the anti-theft door locks began to get rid of the cumbersome, single shape and other shortcomings, and were generally added to the high-tech, intelligent elements such as touch screen, password, fingerprint, etc., which further demonstrates humanity. Due to the considerable profit of high-tech anti-theft door locks, many companies have paid attention to and invested in this industry to seize a place in the industry.

According to the "2013-2017 China Hardware Lock Industry Analysis and Investment Prospects Forecast Report", it is difficult to see the common classical security door locks as the demand of various pillar industries and leading sectors in the society continues to increase and consumer demands continue to increase. Be satisfied and accepted. The reform and upgrading of lock products and the improvement of quality optimization have become very urgent. High-tech and high-intelligent anti-theft door locks have also emerged.

Page 2: Identification of locks good or bad skills assembly

Identify the combination of good and bad skills

In fact, some people teach you the knowledge of anti-theft locks, as long as you seriously study and research, I believe that you will not suffer big losses in the purchase process.

1. Judging according to the lock body material of the lock: This involves a lot of professional knowledge and the technology of various manufacturers. The mainland produces iron, steel, stainless steel and zinc alloys. Due to the limitation of process and cost, the hardness of the lock rod is not enough. It is easy to be cut by pliers and hydraulic pliers.

2, according to the lock core of the lock to judge: the average person buys a lock only to look at the shape, feel great, it must be good. As long as you pay attention, no matter which kind of domestic lock you buy, the lock core is generally copper. The characteristics of copper are soft. With electric drill and concentrated acid, you can easily destroy the copper lock core. At present, the commonly used lock cylinder is a European lock cylinder. In addition, there is an American thread lock cylinder and a fire lock cylinder. The latter two are relatively safe.

3, according to the key of the lock to judge: there are many keys to lock, cross, round mouth, crescent, a lot of various colors, many keys are made of copper or aluminum-iron alloy, it is easy to be copied, the current better materials There are steel, as well as a new type of electronic key, which is safer.

4. Judging according to the thickness of the filler and the steel plate: You can look at the installation of the security door. Generally, the cat's eye is screwed off the door to see what is inside. If some cat eyes are already secure, and it is not screwed. Down, you can watch it when you lock it. The consumer can tap the security door with a hand, and the sound is sounded, indicating that the thickness of the steel plate is sufficient, and the filler is real. If the sound sounds "squeaky", it means that the thickness of the steel plate is not enough.

5, the lock point is just a scorpion: lock is an important part of the security door, many sell the security door when selling, they say that their security door locks more points, in fact, this is just a nephew to attract customers. The real good lock is not the more locks, the better. There are no essential differences between the four lock points and the 10 and 20 lock points. No matter how many lock points there are, the center is on the lock cylinder. As long as the lock core is broken, more lock points are useless.

6. Look at the production and sales license: Consumers can check the relevant certificates of the product. In addition to this production license, the manufacturer should also have the corresponding technical inspection certificate. Such as fire test report, seal test report, etc., so that you can have a general understanding of the technical performance of the product.

In short, through the above aspects, I believe that you can pick a security lock product that is suitable for your own home use. In fact, there are many buying techniques for locks. As long as you study and understand with your heart, I believe that the lock products are no longer One difficult thing!  

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